Amy’s Notebook 05.15.20

one pot chocolate sheet cakesource- head here for the recipe

This one bowl chocolate sheet cake looks like a great end-of-school-year celebration cake.

How to care for your mind right now. Loved the first tip a ton!

One little cooking trick for canned beans. I’m going to have to try that! 

Ina is queen, even in quarantine. I couldn’t agree more.

I finished this book, on this rainy morning, and it was perfection.

If you are unemployed, Headspace is offering a free one year subscription to help you.

We just ate this again last night and my husband declared this, “the most addictive,” thing I’ve made.

12 new Netflix shows to binge on this week

Not sure what stage you might be in, but these tips on how to avoid burnout in the middle of a pandemic are gold.

9 indie films to consume this weekend. That Booksellers movie caught my eye!

How cute is this reading nook?

I can’t wait to dig into this memoir this month.

These are some incredibly genius bathroom cleaning hacks. (yup, I’ve reached that level of quarantine)

Good news! My favorite quarantine pants are back in stock.

How to do eyebrow shaping and tinting at home

What it’s like living alone during quarantine.

As a planner, I felt this deeply.

How to teach children to stay six feet apart.

How wildly amazing is this craft project?

What pediatricians want parents to know about the COVID-related illness that’s making the news.

Have a great weekend!

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