Amy’s Notebook 12.31.14

Printable Paper Crowns via The House That Lars Built

Source: The House That Lars Built


Printable paper crowns for NYE- too cute!

How to make perfect domed muffins.

Best books of the year according to Hollywood Housewife- I love her selections!

Disco ball headbands– what’s not to love about this?

Goodbye, Serial (oh, how I miss you!)

Learn 7 easy morning rituals that will change your life and boost your day’s productivity and awesomeness.

Kids NYE Bingo via Thirty Handmade Days

Source: Thirty Handmade Days


Fun printable New Year’s Eve Bingo sheets for kids.

Small kitchen inspiration.

Five smart ways students can use Google Scholar.

Very excited about this beloved author writing another book!

5 under-the-radar reads– I must add these to my book pile!

What adoptive parents will want to know about the new ANNIE movie.

Capsule Wardrobe via Hollywood Housewife

Source: Hollywood Housewife


Love seeing other people contemplate the capsule wardrobe!

It’s so fun peeking into other people’s fashion capsules.

More winter fashion capsule inspiration.

How about a capsule Kitchen challenge– could you do it?

Nobody is more healthy, productive or clear-headed than a person who has planned and is living a meaningful life– love this reminder!

More joy less clutter.


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