Amy’s Notebook 12.06.17

Japanese Wrapping Techniquesource

I love this creative wrapping technique for the gift-giving season.

This is on my organizing to-do list.

I just might be convinced to snag a membership for the holidays!

What an adorable gathering for the holidays with friends. Bookmarking!

A simple Advent calendar idea (that won’t take up too much space!)

Speaking of Advent calendars, how amazing is this one? So thoughtful!

I’d really like to pick up journaling and this is a great guide to get started.

If you need me, you’ll probably find me curled up with this incredible book.

mandarin towersource

How gorgeous are these centerpieces?

Swooning over these gorgeous bouquets. A cozy hygge bouquet would make the perfect gift for our out-of-town relatives!

This outdoor fireplace turned out so beautifully. I always love her style.

I’d love to dive into a bowl of these!

20 ways you made 2017 harder than it had to be. Noted.

Need a little holiday decorating inspiration? This should help!

Loving this NYE backdrop idea for the perfect photo opps.

Planning to use this tutorial to add a little greenery to our home.

Are we living in a culture of flakes? I really struggle with my patience on this one.

Curious about what type of vacuums perform the best? Check out this advice from a repair technician. I’ve never regretted this one for our family!

Is self-care becoming too selfish? I like the idea of considering your motivations behind shares!

asian cheese board appetizerssource

What a fun spin on a unique cheese board idea for the holidays!

You can bet I’ll be running to my fabric store to do this!

This garland is so stylish for the mantle.

This makes me sad to read about. We are trying to scale back this year.

This list of 19 handmade gifts look like beautiful ideas for my crafty friends.

I’m trying to work on better sleep habits this year.

I do love a good ribbon hack.

Now this recipe looks like a great way to warm up!

Beautiful ideas for making small spaces festive.

Remember, you’re in charge this holiday season.

I’m eyeing this for my Christmas wish list.

How to throw a dinner party without a table. Basically, no excuses!

Perfectly wrapped gifts thanks to this smart wrapping tutorial.

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