Amy’s Notebook 11.11.15

Leftover labels via Oh Happy Day

Source: Oh Happy Day


Printable leftover labels– how great are these?

See the strategies and habits highly successful people use to make the most of their time.

Easiest pillow covers ever.

The key to simplifying your digital life.

A KonMari overhaul– impressive!

White chicken chili looks like a great one to add to the menu planner.

Simple wool candle holders– beautiful!

Outdoor space via The Nester

Source: The Nesting Place


Swooning over this outdoor space.

DIY toilet paper roll Christmas calendar – genius!

3 ways to spice up fall basics.

Listen to this piece on John Irving (or read the transcript)- I am in amazement!

10 simple strategies for saving money on food.

Awkward tweets alert– genuine LOL’s in this one!

Where the children sleep– this breaks my heart.

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