Amy’s Notebook 11.08.18


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I think I need to commit to one of these seasonal retreats.

One month inside L.A.’s cult of betterness.

I do love a good cup of tea. These additions to your tea cup sound delicious!

I don’t like this.

An easy way to eliminate drama from your life.

Here are three exercises to try to reduce your anxiety.


This chai-spiced pecan granola looks like a delicious fall addition to our yogurt bowls.

8 short books to help you reach your reading goals.

Reading and adoring this incredible memoir. Add it to your stack!

How buying into fast fashion affects our brains.

This sounds like a Thanksgiving cocktail a girl could get behind.

These printable desk calendars would make such a great inexpensive gift.

Love these tips for helping your Christmas tree look more pro.

I love that these were your favorite purchase this week.


A sweetly simple evergreen wreath to make for a corner in your home.

The first affordable one that I’ve seen. What a great price!

Here are some wonderful tips for caring for your sweaters.

How to help your body adjust to the cold weather.

17 Thanksgiving games for the whole family to play.

How successful women start their days.


I’m digging this pom-pom tree topper.

I finally stopped doing this. If you are on the hunt for a replacement, I LOVE this one.

Looking for a new journaling technique? I loved this idea.

Some great tips for raising grateful children– I always love the comments section too.

This is wonderful news for this budget-friendly makeup brand.

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