Amy’s Notebook 10.26.18


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I loved this beautifully woven storage basket– that looks like such a fun fall diy!

How beautiful is this pumpkin spice soap? 

I always love peeking at other people’s book recommendations.

I won’t lie, I’m REALLY pumped about this book. It is still my favorite comfort food show.

This is a really compelling piece on quitting the wine habit. (thank you, Centsational Girl!)

Love this smart tip for another way to hang your wreaths on your door.


How adorable are these yarn ghosts?

I really love her.

What a beautiful and heartbreaking obituary.

A permission slip for moms. Such a good reminder!

I started this book and I’m already IN LOVE.

Why you should consider a hobby you are bad at.

I loved reading these goals and all she accomplished. So inspiring!

I am guilty of saying this. What a great reminder!


Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies? You had me at pumpkin!

A smart way to organize those phone apps.

This was your top purchase this month. Can I do puzzles at your house?

Here are 28 Instant Pot soup ideas for your menu plan.

I was so sad to read this.

One word that will help lower your anxiety.

I’m a big fan of these methods though.

iPad tipping is so very awkward.

The power of writing thank you notes. I love this so much.

Do you struggle with a cell phone addiction?

11 useful ways to use zip ties.

Doing a one day deep clean project to complete. So smart!!

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