Amy’s Notebook 10.25.19

Wintertide Stitch Sampler Crochet Blanketsource

Now I really want to learn to crochet so I can make this blanket.

A week of Instant Pot meals for two.

It’s time to stop treating parentings as mom’s burden & dad’s adorable hobby. A-MEN.

15 magical recipes for warding off illness

These easy pumpkin bars with cream cheese look like the perfect fall dessert.

4 steps to loving your ordinary life.

5 women share what they want you to know about their journey with cancer

10 great tips for making pizza at home

Did you catch this?

7 easy halloween cupcakessource

7 easy Halloween cupcakes to make together. These are all so fun!

Cracking up that this was your favorite purchase this week.

I definitely learned a lot about our flower care myths.

I love seeing what this next generation is up to.

4 ways to begin practicing active meditation.

Reading through heartache. Let’s all agree that reading cures everything.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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