Amy’s Notebook 10.25.17

Instant Pot Mac & Cheese



I made you a little playlist to listen to while reading the notebook today!

Love these five fun combos for upping your mac & cheese game.

This story was absolutely heartbreaking.

Ohhh…this movie sounds like it is going to be amazing.

I love these ideas for sprucing up the porch, especially clever tips for this black thumb.

Not a black thumb and love gardening? This list of bulbs to plant this fall are inspiring even me.

Loving these easy & cute treats for Halloween.

potsticker stir frysource

Potsticker Stir Fry? YES!!

The details in this house are so inspiring!

I never knew the history behind the LBD– this was a fascinating read!

WOW! I can’t believe this story.

How incredible is this fridge transformation?

Here are 9 books about money that every woman should read.

Speaking of money, here are 8 habits that can prevent us from saving.

4 hairstyles for dirty hair…so, basically every day?

How adorable are these costume ideas for baby-wearing-mamas?

13 thrillers to readsource

13 worth the hype Sephora products to try.

Speaking of 13 things, here are 13 thrillers to add to your book stack.

I hate when my shirts bunch up- this is SO awesome.

I am in love with the book I’m reading this week.

10 little magic tricks from Ina. I definitely am going to be trying a couple of these!

I can’t believe how awesome this place is.

Bookmarking this page. I just love their style!

Completely wowed by their style!

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