Amy’s Notebook 10.11.19


This red pepper and tomato meatball soup looks like comfort food in a bowl.

7 fun fall things to do on a weekend– love these creative ideas.

6 new pumpkin-flavored items to love at ALDI. YASSSS!

This is one of the personal finance tasks I’ve been working on this month. Excited to share more with you!

10 things you need to know about this year’s most controversial film.

Rainbow Pumpkin Archsource

Holy heck! This pumpkin arch is AH-MAZING.

Here is what I’m reading this week. It has more layers than I was expecting, honestly.

This new character has made me cringe through the last couple of episodes. I see why they are weaving this in right now though!

A few good tips for getting stuff done.

This was your favorite purchase this week. Honestly, I can’t start my day without it now.


I bought yarn to try to tackle this knitting project. I can’t believe how pretty that is!

This mindful habit will put a stop to overspending.

OMG. This is NOT Tom Cruise. I am so confused.

5 ways to bring hygge to your home.

Speaking of hygge, I hope you didn’t miss this!

How to hit unfollow on anxiety.

I love this piece on the 5AM club. I’m a big participant in this too!

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