Amy’s Notebook 10.11.17

apple butter ice creamsource

3-ingredient apple butter ice cream? YES.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this article this week. It’s quite scary! (thank you, Heather, for that one!)

The rise of the Made-For-Instagram museums. I think it says a lot about our culture right now.

10 toxic people you don’t need in your life.

Speaking of social media, this music video is genius.

Planning to add these 31 Instant Pot meals to my cooking agenda.

On the cusp of my big 4-0, this bucket list idea really resonated with me.

White male terrorists are an issue we should be discussing.

Adding these Halloween episodes to our weekend Netflix binges.

This movie news is making me SO HAPPY. Read my interview with the author– still can’t believe the setting he wrote his book in.

Well, duh. Why haven’t I thought of this?

flamingo gourdssource

I cannot believe these flamingos were made out of gourds! CRAZY!

How to care for your introvert– hahahaha!

This certainly takes carrots to the next level– yum!

Who wants to try a new s’mores combo? Time to get our firepit going!

Reading this book and I feel like it should come with a pack of smokes (insert wide-eyed emoji with a cigarette). If you are looking for a STEAMY read, this is it.

Next up.

14 things to do with friends (other than dinner). I am loving some of these ideas!

These small wardrobe challenges are always so inspiring! You can follow my adventures over here.

This ten minute pizza crust looks like a great Friday night recipe.

baked pumpkin doughnutssource

This recipe is making me want to break out our doughnut pan again!

This dessert also needs to make it into the fall rotation.

I treated myself to a couple of these.

Nope, I’m not jealous at all.

Beautiful sentiments that I’m thinking about this week.

I love doable fall trends and this is a great list.

After all the heavy news in the world, this was just the ticket for a laugh.

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