Amy’s Notebook 10.10.18


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Tips for creating a spa-worthy bath in the comfort of your own home.

I would add these mixed with this and the best thing since sliced bread to this list.

I love this idea to make a sick day care kit for your home.

12 ways to be more productive– boy, do I need to read these!

Cheap and easy ways to feel better about the home you are in.

Planning to take a holiday family photo? This post has some wonderful ideas for nailing your coordinated outfits.

How to talk to the women in your life right now.

Wanting to declutter? These printables look like just the ticket.


Love this textured wreath for fall.

Speaking of wreaths, this wreath is my ALL-TIME favorite.

Oh, now this is a smart idea for an app. Loud places are a pet peeve of mine.

A short & sweet list of books to add to your fall stack.

This is what I’m reading this week and I am BLOWN AWAY. Could highlight the whole book, honestly.

Restock alert: these are back and they are as awesome as can be.


How fun is this adorably easy spider garland?

The art of Japanese funeral floral arrangements. How gorgeous!

The funny small things we avoid spending money on. I had to laugh because it is true.

What Americans say vs. what they mean. Again, SO TRUE.

Wanting to add a backyard fire pit? This is such a great tutorial.

I had no idea she was such a bookworm. What a stack!

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