Amy’s Notebook 10.04.19

No Sew Pacman Costume


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How adorable is this no-sew Halloween costume?

Why you are more likely to hear about the sober curious movement.

Thinking about painting your brick exterior? This had a great list of pros and cons.

The most important thing you can do about the climate change crisis

20 haircuts that never go out of style.

I started cognitive therapy for managing my chronic pain and have seen enormous benefits. If you struggle with anxiety, these cognitive therapy techniques might be helpful to you too!

Looking to settle in for a television binge? Check out this great list of fall shows.

This is the piece I keep reaching for this fall. It’s sweater perfection.

How to wear leopard print. This is, for sure, my husband’s least favorite fashion trend (that I actually love).

I’ve been blown away by the response to this new series

Mexican Corn Dip


I want to dive face first into this Mexican Corn Dip. YUM!

The toll of #MeToo.

How to meditate on your commute.  

I’ve got this fall dish bubbling away in my slow cooker today.

This is what I’m reading this week.

How pretty is this punch needle pattern?

This is a sheet pan dish idea that a girl can really get behind.

I struggle with this so I needed these reminders today.

6 ways to keep food fresher longer.

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