Amy’s Notebook 10.04.17

crazy cat lady costumesource

Now this is a Halloween costume that a girl can get behind- hahaha! Also, how cool are these cult classic costumes?

Oh, I love my NPR and this looks like a fantastic way to support public radio.

If you love to give books as gifts, you will enjoy this post’s suggestions.

Well, this is fascinating. I wonder if our stores will ever offer that!

This is why we need to take our sleep routines very seriously.

This recipe looks like a weeknight winner to make in my pressure cooker.

Ten style tips for the month of October. I always love these!

chenille pumpkinssource

How cute are these chenille pumpkins? I love the stem idea for these!

After reading this book, I completely get this piece so very much (warning: language!). Does anyone else carry the weight of that around?

Oh, I really want to make this table runner. How beautiful is that?

Did you see that thredUP has jewelry now? Here’s some cash to shop for the first time.

“There is good news: You don’t have to be the victim of your environment. You can also be the architect of it.” What a great piece on forming good habits.

What a great time-saving strategy for a labor intensive dish.

More podcasts to listen to on my growing list. What podcasts are you enjoying right now?

25 must-read books for fall. Did you check out my picks for this past month? So many good books, so little time.

pumpkin pie ice creamsource

Pumpkin pie ice cream? You had me at pumpkin!

18 uncomfortable signs you are becoming a stronger and better person. YES!

I want to try this diy hair clarifying routine and see if it improves my color-treated hair.

I’ve been curling up with this book in the evenings. I couldn’t agree with her philosophy for living more.

13 books becoming movies in 2018– get reading!!

If you crochet, these pumpkin succulent holders couldn’t be cuter!

This adorable hoop wreath is on my crafting bucket list.

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