Amy’s Notebook 09.28.18


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Wowed by this creepy and cool diy skeleton wreath.

Note to self: start scheduling a power hour.

Chapters are not meant to be skipped. They are meant to be shared. So thankful for my book club!

DIY that pumpkin spice latte. Also, love this tutorial for making your own syrup.

This speech wowed me.

Bookmarking this list of shows for my next night in.

This was your favorite purchase this week. Still can’t believe how affordable that jacket is! #winning

How to add no need to reply to different areas of our lives. What a gift in this digital age!

Things we can do at the exact same time.

This is such a smart way to add space to your countertops in small kitchens.

Adding this recipe to our meal planner. Yum!


How adorable is this Halloween mantel? I love this so much!

We need to add a few of these to our home and that price is just right.

21 subjective rules for raising a teenage girl. I needed to read this today!

What sets you off– boy, do they have my INFJ-self pegged.

Anxiety is the number one mental illness in the U.S. & marketers are capitalizing on it.

How to style your off-the-shoulder sweaters for autumn. So pretty!


I love a well-styled bed, don’t you? Who knew I had the sheets on the wrong side in our bed?

Speaking of sheets, here are some helpful folding techniques.

What a brilliant upcycle!

Next up in my book stack! Can’t wait to read this one. I’m a sucker for time travel.

Tips and tricks for dealing with insomnia (be sure to read the comments on this one!!)

This just sounds amazing for a fun treat at home.

What happens when you quit the morning scroll.

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