Amy’s Notebook 09.27.17

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatoresource

This Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore looks like a weeknight winner!

Speaking of slow cooker dishes, my family would flip for this one.

10 hard things to start doing for yourself. Such a good list!

This was your top purchase this month– I couldn’t approve of it more!

Hmmmm….I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Madly in love with this Halloween costume idea!

The importance of being alone.

31 days of horror films for October that you can stream through Netflix. Yes!

School Paperwork Organizationsource

Are the papers from school bogging you down? Check out these helpful suggestions!

Here are a few easy fall DIY projects to add to your to-do list- bahaha!

I couldn’t stop watching these amazing and easy ways to decorate your pie crust.

Did you see my new capsule wardrobe? I always feel accomplished once I have my closet organized!

I love a beautiful napkin fold. This would be a fun one to get the kids to try for a fancy dinner!

5 things the “new you doesn’t need- really practical and smart advice.

A new way to celebrate a Treat Yourself Day.

What if we all spoke more honestly like this?

Chocolate Pumpkin Breadsource

This chocolate pumpkin bread looks heavenly!

What a cute Halloween treat!

I can’t rave enough about this book– read it STAT.

This is the first week in YEARS that I haven’t used a hair straightener. Madly in love with my new gadget!

Can’t keep real plants alive? I feel you! Check out this awesome guide to purchasing great fake plants for your home.

“Confidence is QUIET. Insecurity is LOUD.” Let’s all work on choosing the quiet!

Five bright ideas to try– I am totally going to do #3 this week!

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