Amy’s Notebook 09.23.15

Homemade Soda via Oh Joys

Source: Oh Joy


Homemade sodas? Yum!

7 daily habits for a clutter-free home.

A great avocado tip!

How to make your lipstick long wearing.

Middle kids make great leaders.

Autumn activities– many of these are on my list!

Prettied up recipe box.

Podcasts to pass the time.

Smart words on savoring these moments.

Books into Movies via PopSugar

Source: PopSugar


Fall reading list: 50 books being adapted into movies.

10 gluten-free meals to pack in your lunchbox– bring on the ideas!

A thought-provoking piece on marriage.

Nothing nourishes intimacy and love like an investment of hours.

Maker Faire is coming to a Barnes & Noble near you!

How schools are handling an over-parenting crisis.

The #missadventures ad series is too fabulous for words (watch them all!)

Tips for encouraging a young reader.

Maybe you don’t need that phone upgrade after all.

Television bucket list.

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