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I’m loving this gathering of new manicure trends to try.

If I stop producing, do I still have value? Oh, this one hit close to home.

I love this spread for a fun fall gathering.

Why don’t doctors trust women? They don’t know much about us

7 easy meals to make when you have zero time.

6 minimalism tips to help you focus and be productive.

I REALLY enjoyed this book this week.

I’ve also been listening to this book and learning a lot.


If you can sew, you will love this tutorial for diy reusable paper towels.

How to decorate for Halloween like a grown-up.

Speaking of books, this is a great book recommendation list for pivotal times in our lives.

It might seem over the top, but I’m thinking about trying this strategy with my friends.

What you can do now to save money and spend less over the holidays. Great tips!

This piece breaks my heart and reminds us how important this topic is.

Intimacy and the internet. This is something I always struggle with too.

This was your favorite purchase this week. SO DANG CUTE!

how to style a long cardigan


How to style your long cardigans for fall. Isn’t this sweater combo gorgeous?

This post has a lot of great strategies for pulling off a monthly grocery shopping trip.

Here are 4 natural ways to relieve your PMS symptoms.

10 myths about sleep you might have. 

Oh, I love this idea for future dinner parties.

I’m loving this living room makeover.

Why are we obsessed with other people’s daily routine habits?

Meet the unfluencer

I see you, Hallmark movie lovers! Here’s your Christmas movie schedule.

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