Amy’s Notebook 09.13.17

You've Been Boozed


Now this is a neighbor tradition that I can get behind!

Um, mind blown. How the heck did I not know this?

Maybe we just need less balance. I am learning this…

These photos are breaking my heart.

Have you embraced premium mediocre in your life?

Looking to try out a new television series or movie? This list  or this list might help!

This piece arrived on my doorstep and I can’t believe how perfect it is. Did I mention, POCKETS?!?

Looking for another fun meal prep idea for lunches? This chicken shawarma looks like a winner.

23 grocery items from ALDI you are missing out on.

A little feminist humor that brings all the LOL’s.

Watching at least one of these is on my weekend agenda.

Totally on my wish list– hahaha!

Pumpkin Pasta


This 5-ingredient pumpkin alfredo is just begging me to make it.

If you just need a good laugh today, I recommend enjoying this.

I love these styling options for above the bed.

Oh, this series looks like another Netflix worthy binge while I wait for the next season of, The Handmaid’s Tale!

I can’t recommend this book enough for highly sensitive souls. It has been such a good read for me.

Fun things to do with your girlfriends in the fall. I just had a mum shopping date and it was so fun to do that with someone else!

Speaking of plants, the millennials love them!

I want to try this golden milk recipe.

If you don’t know how to carve a chicken (raises hand!), you’ll love this picture tutorial.

I love a good skillet dish and this looks like a fun spin on a classic.

Pom Pom Basket


How cute is this diy pom pom basket? You know I’d love a pom pom on everything!

Looking to get your kitchen organized for fall baking season? Check out these awesome kitchen organization strategies!

Speaking of decluttering, here are 25 things to get rid of this fall.

This has become our new family weekend tradition with board games. Here are three free meals if you want to give it a try at your house.

Loving these fresh ideas for decorating your table for fall.

I’m really starting to hate the time sucks so this is a great reminder.

Some simple strategies for dealing with difficult people in your life.

This pumpkin pan pie looks like a fun way to enjoy a holiday fave.

Let’s just agree to put a tassel on everything.

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