Amy’s Notebook 09.09.15

Breakfast Tart via Spoon Fork Bacon

Source: Spoon Fork Bacon


What a beautiful breakfast tart!

Life. Made.

Buttery smooth foundation tips.

The summer of yes– I am so inspired!

Oh, this takes salads to a whole new level.

Influence. You already have it.

Style resources for transitioning from summer to fall.

Thinking outside the square– finally!

Finger Knitting Wall Art via Camille Styles

Source: Camille Styles


This knitting without needles project is incredible!

Cheesy chicken enchilada dip anyone?

Why Facebook makes your images look like crap, and how to fix it.

Slow cooker chicken stock– hello, homemade pho!

Will you read it?

Portobello tacos with creamy vegan jalapeño sauce – yes, please!

Lice tips– may we never need these. Amen.

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