Amy’s Notebook 09.06.19

Spicy Buttered Steak Bitessource

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These spicy buttered steak bites look like the perfect date-night-in dish to share. 

This carport to porch makeover is unreal beautiful. Anyone else wish they had a carport now?

Looking for new ways to organize your calendar? Don’t miss this post.

Not great, Bob. I felt that.

What are secretly you good at? These comments are gold.

20 new books to read in September. I do love a good book list!

sparkling water mocktailssource

These sparkling water mocktails look like a great alcohol-free indulgence.

Here is an easy trick to implement to get better sleep

This is the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery.  I’m planning to deep dive into this podcast.

This simple side looks like a great way to use up wrinkly tomatoes. 

This book is magic– I hope you can make time to read it.

I can’t tell you how good this has been on audiobook. If you are looking for a memoir to sink your teeth into, I’m recommending this one.

Stop spending time with people who deplete your energy. A-MEN.

organized nightstandsource

This nightstand makeover is so inspiring! I love the way the drawer is lined and sorted.

Struggle with pet hair in your home? I love this genius hack to create a giant lint roller.

Looking for some weeknight dinner inspiration? Check out these 35 dinner ideas!

Speaking of dinner inspiration, this looks like an amazing little weeknight meal

This might be me– hahaha!

Sliding another one of these in the oven.

Anyone else a smoothie addict? These 21 recipes look like some fun ways to switch up my smoothie game

Do you recognize these 3 toxic types of mom friends? This has great advice on how to handle them.

This was your favorite purchase this week. I bet you all are AWFULLY cozy. 

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