Amy’s Notebook 08.31.16


source: design mom

I love these meal ideas for late summer entertaining.

5 tools that can help you clean like a pro– I’m in!

I hate trying on jeans so this was helpful.

Had a good laugh over these reviews– I wonder if the company regrets making this product…

I want to try out this 100 year-old to-do list hack.

Why fangirling in your 30’s is so much better.



source: a beautiful mess

These DIY painted patio floors are such an affordable update to an outdoor patio!

This is on my crafting bucket list. Have you tried it?

I can’t wait to do a little antiquing and weave some of these suggestions in our home.

The hell that is the school drop-off line. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

I never knew you could spray paint balloons!

11 books that pair well with your childhood faves- can’t wait to snag these from my library.

The question to ask yourself- what if I don’t.

I gave this a spin again and, for the first time, I wasn’t disappointed.

Just discovered this blog for replicating fancy style on a budget- yes!

5 important things you should know about your fridge– I’ll finally use my crisper drawers right!

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