Amy’s Notebook 08.26.15

Lunch Box Labels via Lia Griffith

Source: Lia Griffith


Adorable lunch labels.

A complete checklist for KonMari method.

So much home inspiration here!

10 little upgrades for your whipped cream.

How to talk to little girls.

I can’t wait to see this book turned into a film!

15 inspiring career books.

How beautiful is this? It sure made my bookworm heart happy!

8 misguided ideas to give up to be happier at home.

DIY Yard Yahtzee via Whipper Berry

Source: Whipperberry


Yard Yahtzee? I love it!

How to craft a wildly successful newsletter.

A showstopping backsplash.

World’s most adorable playhouse!!

Imagine how many we could feed.

Unicorn Pinata– yes!

There is always room for you.

Career advice from the $9 billion woman.


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