Amy’s Notebook 08.25.16

Eggs in Ham & Cheese Cups via Hos Josephine

Source: Hos Josephine


How good does this look for breakfast? YUM!

Love the map in these lamps. It’s all in the details, isn’t it?

Buy only the home you need, not the house you can afford.

Swooning over this kitchen reno!

Wouldn’t these be the cutest present to share?

An inspiring post on vacation cooking– I must do this for our annual trips. So smart!

I love these DIY shelves!

How to build cute comfortable outfits.

Spaces to Organize in the Fall via Polished Habitat

Source: Polished Habitat


More organization eye candy. Now to get the energy to make it happen!

I could have written this post.

This studio living room tour brings all the color. Love all the little details!

I love peeking at other people’s favorite reads, don’t you?

“If I’m not saying “HELL YEAH!” about something, then say no.”

Adorable study nook!

I’m obsessed with book covers.

Ten key insights from a family therapist on parenting.

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