Amy’s Notebook 08.19.15

DIY Macrame Chair via Mollie Makes

Source: Mollie Makes


DIY macrame garden chair– I’m dying to try this.

What will happen if I don’t take my phone out right now – can’t stop laughing!

Lemon tart perfection.

8 decluttering lessons learned from the Marie Kondo book.

How to properly lace your dress shoes– noted!

Adorable hairstyle tutorial that I’d want to wear anywhere.

This moved me deeply.

Grilled hot dogs with avocado relish via Dine & Dish

Source: Dine & Dish


How good do these hot dogs look?

Reading this and loving the transformative power of just one.

Yarn-wrapped sconce cords– an adorable detail and stash-buster.

Does your neighborhood have a tool-lending library? What a great idea!

All the feels.

Make an easy hook rack to go with your decor.

Can’t stop laughing at this, too.

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