Amy’s Notebook 08.05.15

DIY Yarn Ice Cream Garland via The Happy Family

Source: The Happy Flammily


DIY yarn ice cream cone garland– perfect for summer.

14 smart apps to improve your work/life balance.

5 minute coasters– my kind of craft!

A list of positive podcasts– DARLING.

Summer edition of 10 pieces, 15 outfits– capsule packing inspiration.

How to make a puppet theatre from a shoebox – in 5 minutes!

Pantry envy.

DIY retro summer brunch – too cute!

Road Trip Snack Boxes via I Should Be Mopping The Floor

Source: I Should Be Mopping The Floor


An easy and yummy solution to keep kids fueled on road trips!

I want to try my hand at flower arranging.

I need to get back to podcast listening– what are you enjoying right now?

Dotted garland– so cute!

What an incredible entry upgrade.

Excited to read this one!

The example we set.


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