Amy’s Notebook 07.24.08

This is a great round-up of chore charts (@ Tip Junkie)

I am going to have to remember this formula for making a reusable ice pack (@ Home Ec 101)

This vanilla lemonade sounds refreshing & elegant (@ Inside a Black Apple)

We are going to have to try some of these ideas from this list of 100 things to do on a money free weekend (@ The Simple Dollar)

This idea for repurposing a bird bath is brilliant (@ Daily Danny)

I love this list of twenty fun craft ideas for July (@ Tip Nut)

I want to try making this foam-erator with my kids (@ betz white)

Knitting with rags sounds quite frugal (Coco Knits via Whip Up)

I think I could make these little pillows if I put a little effort into it (@ Sparkle Power)

I am loving these helpful transition tips for parents of kids entering kindergarten (@ Let’s Explore)

This blueberry banana bread sounds like a winner for our family (@ Genesis of a Cook)

This Cool Whip and peanut butter dessert would be a great summer potluck dish (@ Bakerella)

These are some wonderful tips for taking the kiddos to the doctor (@ PsychMamma)

I want to make some of these NY Times perfect chocolate chip cookies with these changes (@ The Kitchn)

This recipe for sour cream scones sounds heavenly (@ Joy the Baker)

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