Amy’s Notebook 06.27.19


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Now this looks like the perfect summer cheese board.

My mind is blown.

“Ask yourself if agreeing to this is for me.” I always need this reminder.

I’m trying to work on this, but the more I say no the less FOMO I feel.

Speaking of staying in, this book is why it has been so easy to stay home this week.

Self-care is not enough to fix moms who are burnt out. Amen.


Have you ever heard of ice dying? This looks like a fun summer project!

I’m giddy with excitement about this.

This is so inspiring. LOL!

I’m laughing that this was your top purchase this week.

I believe in this idea of needing to be king of the neighborhood. Bigger isn’t always better.

How good does this option look for breakfast meal prep?

This has been keeping me up at night and I’m thankful for this incredible effort. I can’t stop thinking about these kids.

Sometimes we need this life advice.

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