Amy’s Notebook 06.21.18

diy basket bagsource

Transform a basket into the perfect summer tote.

I don’t have it all together and neither do you.

I am enjoying witnessing how she is breaking the traditions.

This is a productivity hack that I can get behind.

I have no idea why, but heist movies are my new jam. Also, if you haven’t seen this, watch it. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Painted Patio Tilessource

This is inspiring me to want to paint some patio pavers for a fresh look. So awesome!

Tips for a chore I still need to tackle.

21 simple things to do when you are bored instead of surfing the internet.

I *may* have worn this shirt three times this week. It’s the perfect blouse to tie on with a dress or skirt.

I stayed up way too late with this thriller this week. Honestly, it was a mixed bag.

bubble gum slime recipesource

My daughter would love making this bubble gum slime recipe. Also, give our fluffy recipe a spin too!

I’d love to watch these fifteen Anthony Bourdain episodes this summer.

I hate washing my hair so I loved these tips for extending times between your shampoo times.

26 hair styling hacks for people battling a chronic illness.

I’ve become obsessed with solo movies and I’m not ashamed.

This was your favorite recipe this month. I hope you love it as much as our family!

Are you as obsessed with this show as much as me? I love these design tips (and where he’s sourcing his style).

Painting the exterior on my home is on my house to-do bucket list so this post was really inspiring.

virgin mojitosource

I made the switch to mocktails during the week and I can’t wait to try this virgin mojito recipe. YUM!

Speaking of mocktails, I found this piece on being sober curious really compelling.

These diy moroccan planters look adorable and totally doable.

I couldn’t love this printable more– if you haven’t seen this documentary, add it to your summer watch list!

I hope you guys are loving these as much as me because this was your top purchase this week!

Next up in my book stack!

Not loving the news that home ec classes are fading out of our education system.

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