Amy’s Notebook 06.20.19


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Doesn’t this faux greenery look like a beautiful way to create privacy on your patio?

6 ways to get to know your neighbors (and why you should).

Need backyard inspiration? I was wowed by all of these ideas. 

4 stretches to relieve fascia tightness after sitting all day. Bookmarking!

The important difference between loneliness and solitude.

You’re not too old for slumber parties.


These gluten-free ice cream sandwiches look heavenly.

Your iPhone has a setting to declutter itself.

Gosh, this advice for a high school graduate is beautiful.

The rise of meatless meat explained.


I can’t get over how gorgeous this affordable diy 4th of July bunting is. So smart!

This made my heart happy, especially since we are reading this book this month.

Six easy summer spritzer recipes to try– yum!

This made me belly laugh (*language*).

This was your favorite purchase this week and I couldn’t love it more.


This dessert tray is always one of the first dishes to go at holiday potlucks.

This is one kitchen update that I would have not thought of.

How fun is this summer fashion challenge?

Keanu is too good for this world. What a gorgeous little snapshot into his life.

I’m such a fan of this woman and her earned success.

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