Amy’s Notebook 06.17.15

Simple Schedule via NoSidebar

Source: No Sidebar


The secret to having a simplified schedule.

This summer book list looks promising!

I love frozen peach treats.

Four book suggestions that will radically simplify your home and work life.

Make summer reading goals fun! Use this gum ball machine printable to set goals and show progress. Printing now!

3 ways to dress a capsule wardrobe up or down.

Oh, I needed this one (ahem).

Shed Office via The Very Worst Missionary

Source: The Very Worst Missionary


This shed business is catching – see ours here.

A new Instagram account to follow, bookworms!

Oh, to meet Judy Blume!

How to learn to say no.

Summer capsule inspiration.

More books to get for my book stack.

Don’t miss it.


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