Amy’s Notebook 06.15.16

Blueberry Coconut popsicles via Wallflower Kitchen

Source: Wallflower Kitchen


Coconut Blueberry Smash Pops– these look so yummy & easy!

Wowed by this bathroom makeover!

Chicken Pesto Kabobs -Just 4 ingredients- YUM!

Summer Listen List: Must listen audiobooks for everyone in the family this year.

7 larger-than-life wall art DIY ideas– on a little budget.

LOL! If 70’s moms had blogs. Seems about right.

Summer Rules via Thirty Handmade Days

Source: Thirty Handmade Days


Printable summer rules– yes!

Kitchen organization inspiration.

How to make a festive holder for your tacos!

Love these grocery store cake hacks!

Summer’s calling, and so is that chilled glass of rosé.

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