Amy’s Notebook 06.14.18

terra cotta pot upgradesource

How cute is this easy paint project for upgrading the style on a terracotta pot? I must try this!

Trying to grow indoor plants? I really appreciated these tips.

I love this idea on how to respond to, “how are you,” when you battle a chronic illness.

Speaking of that, here are some things I’ve been brewing on this week.

Ferris Bueller’s laid off– I’m dying. So, so good…

Stop killing the magic of books with required summer reading. I couldn’t agree more!

Another approach towards simplifying the wardrobe is this smart piece on creating your own personal dress code.

Are your kids obsessed with Fortnite? Here is a beginner guide to understand what the game is all about.

I used to spend a lot of time watching Lifetime movies as my weekend hobby and now these movies have replaced it.

modern house number signsource

Wow, I would love to attempt this diy modern house number sign. So gorgeous!

Well, now my face hurts from smiling.

Here are a few strategies if you are trying to get out of a reading rut.

Covering a weathered deck with faux grass is pretty genius.

We can’t simplify our way into a perfect life.

Here are 8 memoirs to read this summerThis has been my favorite this year!

Would you tell them to just “get over it?” Please read this.

I’ve been working really hard on my Instagram feed so this was a really helpful tutorial on the new algorithm.

My book club friends (please join us!) recommended this audiobook and I’m LOVING it.

Do you make a summer bucket list? I love these ideas!

budget-friendly patiosource

I love this budget-friendly patio makeover on this rental.

I loved these makeup tips from a professional makeup artist. Lots of good advice!

This week’s MomAdvice Reader top purchase. I hope you are loving them as much as me!!

Why children aren’t behaving and what you can do about it. Fantastic advice for the modern parent.

The 17 best books to read this summer.

I like this advice on how to support a negative friend.

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