Amy’s Notebook 06.07.18

New York Stripsource

Grilling season is my fave and I can’t wait to try this New York Strip Steak with Shortcut Chimichurri. Yum!

I love these unique ways to celebrate the men in your life on Father’s Day.

Holy heck. This piece is fascinating.


I tried leaving Facebook and couldn’t. Very thought-provoking!

If you liked Eleanor Oliphant, I think you might enjoy this book I’m reading.

7 things wealthy women do with their money that you can do too.

How people relax around the world is sure to inspire your next self-care day. I’m loving the Swedes and their coffee routine!

We have teeny bathrooms so I love these small bathroom storage techniques.

I love that this was your top purchase this week. #moms

The end-of-school kills me every year.

spray paintsource

What a simple update with a little spray paint. I might need to do a little thrift shopping!

21 books you don’t have to read and what to read instead.

I cry all the time. I’m serious. This made me laugh.

Well, this is genius.

If babies wrote TripAdvisor reviews– hahaha!

I just got done completing this project. Check out my results!

 floral numberssource

I can’t wait to make this cake topper for my kiddos. How beautiful is that?

Guidelines for kids and social media (I like the printable on this one).

Midlife is not a crisis. Midlife is an unraveling.” This was an incredible read (and necessary).

This post really echoed my own journey since my diagnosis. #noregrets

These burgers are back on repeat over at our house.

This $2 ingredient will elevate any pasta dish. I used to buy this often and I need to get back to it!

What to do when your teen hates you.

Speaking of big kids. I’m struggling.

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