Amy’s Notebook 06.03.15

How to make a wine bottle tiki via Julie Blanner

Source: Julie Blanner

DIY wine bottle tiki torch– I love a good 10-minute craft.

Adding this 7-minute egg to my breakfast idea list.

A Marie Kondo decluttering clothing swap party.

I’m saving these makeup tips for teens for my daughter!

It’s time to plan the summer capsule.

Greek yogurt chocolate panna cotta– yes.

I love a good summer book list!

Think of those in Texas (and ways to help!)

Packing for a long trip in a Carry On via Kelly Purkey

Source: Kelly Purkey


Packing for a long trip in a carry-on suitcase.

Better mom uniforms– I love these outfit ideas.

Now we can eat apples poolside! Genius.

Bookcase envy.

School’s out party ideas– so cute!

I’m inspired to plan some career days for my kids.

A day in the life of Pinterest.


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