Amy’s Notebook 05.24.18

DIY Trimsource

I am really inspired to add some trim to our home after seeing this diy trim tutorial.

10 books to add to your Memorial weekend agenda.

Not enough books for your stack? How about another list with 10 great beach reads.

After watching this interview, I appreciated this insight into a big oversight.

Fake a woven wall hanging with these smart tips.

Ice cream sundaes are a little more special with this 3-ingredient chocolate sauce recipe.

Follow these IG accounts to master the fine art of meal prep.

This is a summer to-do list that I can get behind.

Looking for one for the kiddos? Check this out.

I just started this dark thriller today.

Get out your scrunchies, ladies! How awesome would this be?

If you have a chronic illness, I know you can relate to these memes.

California Grain Bowlsource

Up your bowl game with this California Grain Bowl option.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on this top. It’s so cute!

This rosy rosé sangria looks like a fun drink to share with friends this summer.

I have a crush on this boho wreath.

These were your top purchase this month. We will be twins because I bought these too!

A guide to Midwestern convos. Bahahaha! DYING! We certainly play nice! (fyi- language!)

The royal wedding means nothing and everything to me. Beautiful.

Nervous about wallpaper? Check out this wallpaper in a small bathroom. I love it!

Scrolling is the new smoking.

I’m really excited about this new mute feature.

Here’s what’s going on in your child’s brain when you read them a story.

keto steak tacossource

A taco shell made out of cheese? SIGN ME UP.

11 things you can organize in cheap photo boxes.

How to offer condolences without sounding like an ass.

Ugh! This is so hard for me so I needed this reminder. I’m queen of saying fine.

This is on our exterior to-do list and I loved hearing about this process (and the creative details added).

What to prep on Sunday for a week of easy grilling.

I am thrilled that this YA read is coming to the big screen.

Here is the secret to being a good mom.

Looking for a minimalist summer reading guide? Here you go!

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