Amy’s Notebook 05.23.19


Don’t these vegetarian meatballs look divine? Adding this one to our planner!

Why we gossip and how to stop.

Buying too much stuff is driven by our own uncertainty. Wow, this piece was powerful.

A clever strategy when your dream house is out of your budget.

Friends make everything better.

Don’t use my family for your true crime stories.

I’m bookmarking this chart for how often I should be watering my plants.

38 beginner Instant Pot recipes to try! These looks so yummy!

I’ve got this book in my earbuds this week.

I’m hoping to tackle this project again this week.

Just got this for our outdoor living space and I’m madly in love with the pattern.


This tasseled mirror is giving me ALL THE DIY FEELINGS. So cute!

This killed me– hahaha!

10 of the best vacation books to check out this summer. I always love a good list!

The cost of being disabled.

Can’t wait to try this Anthropologie-inspired essential oil recipe in my diffuser.

Do you struggle with chronic pain? I was moved to tears reading about this- part 1, part 2, part 3.

These homemade lip balms would make a great gift or fun summer project with your kids.


How clever is this idea for uniquely displaying your vacation photos? I am in love!

I stayed up way past my bedtime with this fun read. You gotta get it!

The surprising mantras that can help you boost your productivity.

An easy trick for taking better phone photos.

This was a long one, but I think you should read it.

Don’t want to splurge on a manicure? This looks like the next best thing!

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