Amy’s Notebook 04.29.15

Inspiring Farmhouse via Design Sponge

Source: Design Sponge


I’m so inspired by this space!

Shopping at Anthro with Marie Kondo.

Who knew alcohol prep pads are a purse must-have?

Let’s get ridiculous about decluttering.

Trending: hard cider is the new craft beer.

5 unexpected things happy people have in their homes.

102 things to do on a money-free weekend.

A few smart words on lighting– bookmarking this for our future kitchen remodel.

Celebrating Sheros via Fashion By Mayhem

Source: Fashion by Mayhem


So proud of this little Shero.

Could you get rid of your wardrobe?

The “Full House” spin-off is officially happening on Netflix.

For my fellow crazy cat ladies (you know who you are).

Recipe: everyday pancake & waffle mix.

Bruce Jenner & the modern American family.

How to do all the things– I needed that ego-check tip!


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