Amy’s Notebook 04.19.18

lets stay home printablesource

How cute is this free printable for your home? These sentiments match my personality perfectly.

Teeth whitening treatments aren’t cheap. Loving this diy version made from all natural ingredients!

Oof. I do this a lot and needed this reminder.

Here are ten easy things you can do in a weekend to update your space.

This site always has the best teacher appreciation gift ideas. Looking for more? Check out this sweet idea or this one (it was a huge hit!) or even this. Yeah, we really love our teachers!

I’m so ready to put together my spring capsule wardrobe. These spring outfit combos are really inspiring.

Be sure to check out this list of books recommended by 22 ambassadors that they encourage you to read before visiting their country.

If you are white and struggling with empathy on the topic of these shootings, give this exercise listed a try. #eyeopener

Here are nine plants that will help you get better sleep. I am becoming quite the houseplant addict!

Some exciting developments are happening at ALDI. Woot, woot!

I’d really like to make this switch.

Not sure how many of you craft, but Craftsy is offering unlimited courses for two weeks for one dollar. Pretty sweet!

Bedroom Stylingsource

Freshening up your bedroom for Spring? Check out these bedroom styling tips for some inspo.

Since I have been seeing a TMJ specialist, these exercises for relieving jaw & neck tension are so up my alley!

I am going to have to add this to my carry-on bag when I’m traveling and steal one of these the next time I’m staying at a hotel.

I am swooning over this new line.

Looking for a new morning devotional to dive into? Check out this list.

I’m so happy to see this lady back to blogging again and peeking at her favorite books.

Bookmarking this list of best-of television shows for my next lazy day.

Jute Bagsource

Turn placemats into a cute jute and leather tote. ADORABLE!

I finished this book this week and was blown away.

Thinking about making a purchase? This simple list of six questions might guide your decision.

I’m feeling like my kids are starting to develop some allergies towards us so this read was reassuring.

Here are four classes to revive your side hustle. Who couldn’t use a little help with that?

I can’t stop laughing. I am TERRIFIED of birds. Seriously. Also, if you haven’t read this interview, you really should (and read the book).

One Pan Moroccan Lemon Chickensource

This one-pot Moroccan Lemon Chicken recipe looks like a weeknight winner.

I found this piece to be really compelling about the pluses and minuses of building your following on Instagram. On a very small scale, I get this.

This gorgeous basic top is on my spring capsule wardrobe agenda.

I’m also eyeing this classic piece.

What if your kiddos could rewrite the house rules. This was such a fun piece!

This week’s album share below! Happy listening!

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