Amy’s Notebook 04.13.16

Crochet Market Bag via Left in Knots

Source: Left In Knots

How cute would this bag be to take to the farmer’s market?

My book list gets longer (be sure to check out those comments!)

DIY hard lemonade looks like a great summer treat.

Free pattern to make your own crochet buntings.

Avoid those spring spending traps!

Spring capsule wardrobe inspiration! I’m putting mine together this week!!

Still my favorite show on television.

Treats that Aren't Shopping or Eating via Yes and Yes

Source: Yes and Yes

Treat yo’ self without spending money. YES!

A tip for wearing maxi dresses in cooler weather– genius!

What a beautiful breakfast!

Painted bricks– so cute.

I swear by my earlier morning routines. It helps so much!

Could you embrace a 10-piece wardrobe?

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