Amy’s Notebook 04.09.20

How to make your produce last longer

This is a great tutorial on how to do a men’s haircut. We are really going to need that over here!

These images from the pandemic are breaking my heart right now.

We can accept ourselves, and expect more from ourselves. These are such good reminders.

How to actually enjoy staying home all the time.

10 exciting ways to challenge yourself this month. I love so many of these ideas.

How to host a virtual graduation ceremony. This is the sweetest idea!

I’ve been listening to this audiobook and it has been, surprisingly, good!

I need to plan a virtual game night with our friends

How to stop binging and boredom eating. Eeek! Probably should work on that one!

I want to try this technique for making crispy tofu.

Are your kids jumping on this sidewalk chalk art trend?

Questions to ask when everything isn’t okay.

I’m reading this phenomenal book right now. She is always such a solid author to choose.

How to cook and not waste a thing.

This looks like a great list of shows to watch while we are staying home.

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