Amy’s Notebook 03.28.18

Instant Pot Cheat Sheetsource

Download this free Instant Pot Cheat Sheet for your kitchen.

Speaking of the Instant Pot, this dish is going a little bonkers on Pinterest (and it couldn’t be easier!).

This piece on class anxiety within a family was really compelling. That idea of, “too much happy,” troubles me too. Is there such a thing?

13 brand new books to read in April.

After spending a couple of days in the airport last week, I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING.

4 things we think we need today, but won’t matter in the long run. So much yes!

I’m curious about this reboot and like that they stayed true to character development. I’ll be tuning in!

Amazon skincare products with a cult following. I am going to have to give a few of these a spin!

This speech was heartbreakingly beautiful.

I also found this article quite compelling. This next generation inspires me in so many ways!

Hopping on the plant trend for your home? Here are 14 that are potentially harmful to your pets.

Speaking of books, I stayed up way to late last night with this one. It’s so good! (all my book reviews on Fri-yay!)

Wondering how Marie Kondo does it? Take a peek at her typical day. I’m loving the spreadsheet idea!

Sconces How to Add Lightsource

Sconces without any hardwiring? WHAT?! Genius.

I love these ideas for putting your clutter to work.

My cow game extracted your Facebook data.

Being authentic is so important to me. I love seeing this list of traits on how to spot an authentic person.

Here are 15 ways to save on a home renovation.

I’m crazy about this woman’s work and I absolutely loved this piece on her.

Untouchable days sound like a productivity game-changer.

It was a good mail day on Monday.

How do you organize your bookcase? I’m a colored spine girl these day and this made me laugh.

refill plugin with essential oilssource

Switch out those plugins with this smart essential oil hack.

What happens when you stop wearing deodorant– so interesting!

What a delicious way to use up leftover rice.

This is on my spring break plans list….please scare the crap out of me, Netflix!

I’m trying to savor this book.

The top sale this month wasn’t even something I planned to promote (just a pic in my IG feed). I hope you love your small homes as much as me!

Like your chicken skin crispy? Who knew you had the tool to achieve it already in your house.

As I prep my spring capsule, I found this piece to be really helpful on the closet cleanout process.

I added this addition to my smoothie routine and I’m so surprised how much a tablespoon of this helps keep me full during the day. Here is my make-ahead slant on my smoothie game.

This week’s album share below! Even if you hate country, (*raises hand*) this artist is an absolute treat.

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