Amy’s Notebook 02.28.18


I am wowed by this diy macrame chandelier made from a simple lampshade.

How to develop a mind that clings to nothing– wow, wow, wow! I need to work on this.

Tell her first.

Also, I see you less-than-perfect kid. It echoes so much of what is on my heart.

Self-care obsessed? Add these eight self-care books to your book stack!

How about applying the KonMari principles to your digital world too? Love it!

Trying to get organized? Add these eleven Instagram accounts to your follow list.

I need to mix up some of this DIY cleaner for my kiddos and their glasses.

New erotica for feminists– hahahaha. YASSS!!

The best ways to manage stress based on your Myer-Briggs personality.

Struggling with a narcissist in your life? This post sheds light on the best way to become their worst nightmare.

I love sharing music with you so here is your weekly Amy’s Notebook album to enjoy- I promise to share more each week. We went & saw them in a show & they were phenomenal.

I thought this piece was so very brave.

I can’t rave enough about these jeggings. Crops on tall girls, perfect full-length for my fellow shorties without any hemming.

Oh, how I love this collection of parenting advice.

diy high chair matsource

I love this super cute diy high chair mat to keep your floors clean (and stylish!)

I’m queen of the best cheap sheets set club (this is my FAVORITE set) and I love these tips to make cheap sheets feel like expensive luxuries.

Here are a few smart morning habits to boost your creativity throughout the day.

50 contemporary reads every woman has to read. I spy several of my favorites on this list.

The top 100 movies on Netflix for your next movie night.

Oh, how I can relate to this. Maybe you can too?

pop up bookstoresource 

Now this is a pop-up bookstore that I can get behind!

Struggling to keep your book club discussions on track? Here are a few tips to facilitate better book club discussions. I also loved this idea for a romance book swap book club. How fun would that be?

I’ve really been enjoying this compelling read this week. See you tomorrow for my book reviews for the month!

Gun reform and speaking truth to bullshit. This was a very power excerpt from her book that is quite timely.

Easy to execute tips to style your rooms.

What a great way to help your houseplants out with drainage (and I have quite a few of these in my cupboard!)

Trying to incorporate better sleep habits? I found this post to be really helpful.

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