Amy’s Notebook 02.27.19


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This chicken pesto cobb salad is going on my menu planner.

How to host a dinner party in a small space. I always need this advice!

The consumer advocate that helps us buy fewer and smarter things.

Have the talk. I just had one with my two kids this week- so important!

I love seeing other people’s morning routines.

We are going to be traveling next month so I am loving this gathering of hotel hacks.

This is what I’m reading this week (and loving!)

All the feelings.


Bookmarking these tips for making great sticky rice in your pressure cooker.

Here are a few metabolism myths that I thought were helpful to read.

What to say when you don’t know what to say. Such great advice for polite conversation.

I loved this guide on how to hang art in your home.

How to stop overthinking everything.

Still struggling? This might help.

9 outfits you can wear to dress up your leggings.


I love these modern house bookends made from dollar store supplies. So cute!

This was your top purchase this week. I can see that you guys are finding some amazing things in my newsletter happy lists!

Looking for a new energy bite recipe? These sure look good!!

I love these tips on avoiding the comparison trap. I am learning the mute button is a powerful tool!

We’re finally listening. What took us so long?

When kids realize their whole life is already online.

How fancy water bottles became a 21st-century status symbol.

Social media and detox tea.

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