Amy’s Notebook 02.25.15: The M Challenge Focus on Money Management Syllabus


Note: As a wrap-up of each month’s m challenge theme, we will be using the last Notebook of the month as a sort of “Cliffs Notes” edition of the challenge – a place where you can find a list of all the articles we’ve published for the challenge, as well as more inspiration and links from the web around the challenge theme. Our hope is that this will serve as a one stop shopping for the theme that you can refer to as well as catch up on in case you’ve missed anything!

February M Challenge: Focus on Money Management


Links for More Money Management Ideas:

How-to-Budget-For-People-That-Hate-Budgeting via Premeditated Leftovers

Source: Premeditated Leftovers


How To Budget (For People That Hate Budgeting)

Couples & Money – Building a Solid Relationship with Money and Each Other

How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck

6 Tips for Living on One Income

30-Day Money Cleanse

The 5-Step Plan: How To Get Out Of Debt

Accountability binder 30daysblog

Source: 30 Handmade Days


Teach Your Kids How to Work & Manage Money

9 Ways to Cut Expenses without Feeling Deprived

Teaching Children About Financial Responsibility

How to Make Living on a Budget Fun

Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes When Getting Out of Debt

Saving Money on Groceries Without Using Coupons

35 ways to save money


I hope you enjoyed this notebook, a collection of gathered links all around our m challenge about focusing on money management. Nothing brings me more joy than to highlight other fabulous bloggers. Follow me on Pinterest for daily inspiration!


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