Amy’s Notebook 02.25.09

I love these little knitted duck slippers (@ Scribbit)

These triple chocolate brownies look delicious (@ Chocolate on My Cranium)

I love this portable camping lantern made from a recycled peanut butter jar (@ Made by Cynthia Rae)

I want to try these chocolate chip angel food cupcakes (@ Baking Bites)

This is a great tutorial for making shoe bags (@ betz white)

This yoga mat bag made from an old pair of pants is brilliant (@ CRAFT)

I want to try this chocolate chip cookie recipe (@ Joy the Baker)

These broccoli calzones look so delicious and I love this how-to video on shaping calzones (@ Baking and Books)

I bet my children would love these cinnamon waffles (@ Annie Eats)

These are some great ideas for affordable architectural personality (@ The Inspired Room)

This mudroom makeover makes me happy (@ whatever)

This is a great post on how to talk money (@ Simple Mom)

I want to bookmark these thirty things you can make as inspiration for this next month (@ Tip Nut)

I have never seen anything in my life like this micro-knitting. Unbelievable (@ whip up)

I want to make some of these homemade breakfast burritos as a quick breakfast in the morning (@ The Simple Dollar)

I can’t wait to try this new waffle recipe (@ Serious Eats)

I love this post on what the author loves about her kitchen (@ Food Woolf)

This quick color makeover is so smart! (@ Small Notebook)

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