Amy’s Notebook 02.24.16

Crochet Chunky Blanket via Make It-Love It

Source: Make It & Love It


How to crochet a chunky blanket– a fun, affordable beginner project!

The big list of book lists– be still my beating heart.

Accessories for beginners.

11 easy ways to fancy up your avocado toast.

The power of buying less by buying better.

I can’t wait to try this hummus hack!!

25 beautiful life reminders that I needed to read today!

Pigs in Blankets via Shutterbean

Source: Shutterbean


Pigs in blankets– a fun dinner idea!

Friends fans will love this one too.

Cheap online classes to boost your digital skills- a great goal for this year!

Excited to see this book unfold on the big screen.

It doesn’t have to be beautiful to be perfect.

Cook Monica’s best dishes from Friends– I love it!

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