Amy’s Notebook 02.20.19


I love seeing how people use small spaces and this living room design is so clever. That bench is just everything!

What happens when you stop caring what other people think about you. Loved this advice!

I love this fresh spin on avocado toast.

Working on your digital habits? I found this interview to be really inspiring.

A few hacks on saving money on keeping your home warm. Be sure to read the comments!

I just finished this book today and loved it.

What the school photographer said to make your child look like that. I’m dead. SO FUNNY.

Wow, I had no idea that this show still used cue cards.

This was your favorite purchase this week. I soooo want one!


Oh, I do love tots! I want to try these baked cauliflower tots for a healthy alternative.

I love seeing different strategies for closet organization. I always organize by color, but this method has me rethinking that.

The best frozen pizzas ranked. I was surprised by #1!

Let children get bored again.

Well, this was adorable.

Planning to watch the Oscars? Print these out for your whole crew.

Did you know you could use this handy appliance for this! It’s one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.


Sign me up for this at-home recipe for garlic butter steak bites & frites. I think this would be great for a date night dinner option.

What a failed best friendship taught me about myself. Such a good read!

It’s time for me to reorder my favorite moisturizer. I swear by this product for surviving the drying effects of winter.

Well, this is adorable and ambitious!

Still trying to master your curling wand? This is a great tutorial on how to achieve different types of waves with your wand.

When was the last time you cleaned your beauty tools? I really need to do this!

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