Amy’s Notebook 02.17.16

Grits Breadfast Parfait via The Kitchn

Source: The Kitchn


Savory grits breakfast parfaits– what a delicious breakfast idea!

14 true crime books you should read.

Are you watching this series? Here is what Marcia Clark thinks about it.

Balsamic chicken with roasted vegetables– get in my belly!

This DIY beaded chandelier is amazing.

Degas Dance Recreation via Hello Giggles

Source: Hello Giggles


Misty Copeland recreates Degas masterpieces and it’s too gorgeous for words.

Dreaming of returning to Italy, but will tackle this list until we can make that happen!

13 gorgeous DIY tidy tips and organization hacks.

Healthy 3-ingredient fruit rolls-ups to make anytime.

It’s not about suspense; it’s about survival.

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