Amy’s Notebook 02.14.19


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I am bookmarking this sugar cookie frosting recipe because it sounds like such a smart combo for piping.

I love tips for creating better skincare routines and found this advice to be stellar.

What we don’t talk about when we talk about serial killers.

I love that this was your favorite purchase this week. I really want one too!

This is an adorable date night idea! I think I’m going to pitch this one to my hubby.

The new midlife crisis. Wow, so much to think about!

On the flip side, 9 decisions that lead to a life I loved. Such a beautiful piece.

Do you struggle with fluctuating weight too? This piece really spoke to me this week.

Speaking of that topic, let’s be frank about the fear-mongering words we use when it comes to diet.

I can admit that I have poor impulse control and this was a great read on reigning some of that in.


4 ways to make your sweaters last longer.

How adorable is this?

Enough of the seriousness, this should give you a good giggle.

I finished this book this morning and really enjoyed it.

How Instagram is changing our living spaces.

And another piece that I found compelling about how we use other people’s property in our shots (and how that feels as a homeowner).

I’ve got plans with this book in my earbuds this week. I’ve heard such incredible things.


Who would have ever guessed that these were pantry cupboards? I’m so inspired!

Random acts of kindness for every month of the year.

Here are the most stylish shoe trends for 2019.

Trying to keep up with everyone who is running in the 2020 elections? Here is a full list and what their platforms are.

Have you heard of the 2-4 rule? I just might make this part of my routine too!

Ways to survive and thrive in the long winter months.

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