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lobster linguinesource

This lobster linguine looks like a great Valentine’s Day dinner. Lobster not in the budget? Try it this way instead (and still wow your man!)

I am just completely floored by this routine. GORGEOUS!

I need to work on my listening skills and this post had a lot of great advice.

I’ve been craving Indian so this recipe looks like a perfect (and healthy) ticket to my favorite flavors.

Oof. So I read this article with a lump in my throat. As a dinosaur in the industry, it has been a difficult shift. Also, know I feel a little vulnerable posting this, but I just want you to know I see it too.

Which reminds me, you are never too old to make a career switch.

Adding this supplement to my beauty routine. Have you heard of it? Check out this article that explains how it can improve your skin and protect you from the sun! Speaking of skin, here are three items we should add to our skincare routines.

We have an ice cream maker and I never knew that this one-ingredient trick yields a creamier ice cream.

I’ve been wanting to try this out for a fun night out.

Trying to up your Scrabble game? This was such a fun piece!

Something no one talks about, but might be helpful information (for you, totally not for me…nope!)

14 ways to make journaling the best thing you do in 2018.

buzzed about authors in 2018source

Trying to stay on top of the latest stream of authors? This is a great post on the next round of literary buzz. Thrilled to spy a MomAdvice Book Club pick on here (woot, woot!)

Here are 25 must-read classics women should be reading. I’m hoping to tackle a few this year!

Can’t even? CANCEL IT.

Bookmarking these money-saving apps to dig into later. I need to tighten the reins over here!

Looking to tackle a long book this year? This reading strategy looks like a great way to make that happen.

Speaking of books, so excited to dive into this one this week.

A secret to a happy marriage.

better sleep routinessource

Head to this article ASAP for sleep tips and a downloadable sleep tracker. Yay!

I’m working on my evening routines so these bedtime rituals from successful people is really inspiring.

Also, I am so inspired by this encouragement to put your phones away. I actually ditched bringing it in our room at night and got this instead. All the bells and whistles and no distractions!

Now that you got your tips for bedtime down pat, these tips for a great morning routine are also great.

Here’s what beauty editors get asked the most (lots of these are questions I would ask myself!).

I know no one on here gets hangovers so I’ll just bookmark these natural hangover cures for myself.

Not sure how to style tiny scarves? I love these styling tips.

Homemade chocolate pudding made in the microwave? YASSSS!

What to say when you meet the angel of death at a party. This same advice is great too for talking with friends about a chronic illness.

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